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Hi!  We are Smk Magical Recipe, food exploring group, recipe fusion , dessert lovers. we do all of the cooking, photography and writing here at Smk Magical Recipe. We are from an South-Indian-Kerala family, our comfort zone is filled with pizza, Sandwich Shawaramas, Manakish, BBQ, Kabbab skewers, Biriyani, Mandhi, Pudding and pasta. we spent few years cooking in this comfort zone, replicating our family’s delicious recipes.  

Persian chicken shavarama Persian Chicken Shavarama

When we moved from Ernakulam to Thrissur in 2019, we was introduced to a new, intriguing food scene that would eventually ignite our passion for culinary exploration. Living in Thrissur, Chettuva, we have access to an endless source of inspiration: fresh, seasonal produce; a home cooking restaurant scene; loving neighborhood and Thrissur 40minutes away. 

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Although we’ll never stop cooking our family’s treasured recipes, now we are very happily cook out of our comfort zone, tackling new ingredients, techniques and recipes with complete confidence. We started Smk Magical Recipe in 24 october 2018 shortly after we purchased our first mobile phone.  This website is our way of marrying two of the activities we love the most, cooking and photography.  Over the years, we’ve helped a number of our friends become confident in the kitchen, teaching them to cook out of their comfort zones.  A friend of mine kindly said, “Cooking Thanksgiving dinner with smk magical recipe is like boot camp. 

Get through the experience, and you will be able to cook anything.”  our hope is that through sharing recipes on our plat form smk magical recipes youtube channel, we can help other home cooks in the same way. So what kind of recipes will you find here on smk magical recipe?  our dessert category is by far our largest with a wide variety of sweet treats: hot, cold, creamy, crunchy, chocolaty, fruity, salty, savory.  It’s all here.  Next, we love cooking with seasonal ingredients. Figs in fall. Quince in winter. Asparagus in spring. Watermelon in summer.  Cooking seasonally builds a wonderful sense of anticipation as the months roll on.  For example, when the weather starts to warm in March, we can’t wait to get our hands on springtime ramps, green garlic, rhubarb and morel mushrooms. 

Keep in mind that we are middle kerala, so my season may differ from yours.  Aside from those two major themes, you’ll find a number of craft cocktails, DIY foodstuffs, Modernist methods, and multicultural bites on Smk Magical Recipe .  we just love spending time in our kitchen, puttering about for hours working through a recipe.  The big takeaway here is that we not afraid to venture into an unknown food realm and we going there for sure. 

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We taking you with me.  And in the end, it’s going to be delicious. We hope you’ve enjoyed this little look into who we are.  we know we are looking forward to getting to know all of you!  Be sure to check out our Recipes Index for a full list of recipes here on s Smk Magical Recipes youtube channel . If you make a recipe, please leave a comment, and let we know how it turned out! we love getting feedback (good or bad). 

Next post we will upload special ingredients only for you. Thanks so much for visiting us and happy cooking 👨‍🍳🍲. 


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