Arabic chicken maklooba

 The one of the most tasteful rice of middle east Arabic chicken maklooba Ingredients :-  For Marinating Chicken  Chicken : 400 gm Turmeric powder : 1-tsp  Coriander powder : 1-tsp Kashmiri chilly powder :1-tsp Chicken masala powder : 1-tsp Garam masala powder : 1-tsp Salt for taste  Ginger Garlic paste : 1tbsp Lemon juice: 2-1/2 tbsp  Vinegar   : 2 tbsp Oil            : 3 tbsp Then mix them well and  put for rest  30 minutes in a refrigerator    For the Vegetable layer :-  Potato , Cauliflower &  Brinjal Chop them in to  slices  and add 1 tsp chilly powder and required salt and mix it well  Then we can make the vegetables in a shallow fry and  keep them in a bowl  After 30 minutes we can start the cooking   Onion: 1 roll Then add salt for taste and 1 tsp Pepper powder  make it a half fry and add 1 roll chopped tomato and  Mix them well then keep it for shallow fry for 5 minutes in a low flame  After shallow fry  we can add the marinated chicken and  stir it well then cook for : 30

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