Arabic chicken maklooba

 The one of the most tasteful rice of middle east

Arabic chicken maklooba

Ingredients :-

 For Marinating Chicken 

Chicken : 400 gm

Turmeric powder : 1-tsp 

Coriander powder : 1-tsp

Kashmiri chilly powder :1-tsp

Chicken masala powder : 1-tsp

Garam masala powder : 1-tsp

Salt for taste 

Ginger Garlic paste : 1tbsp

Lemon juice: 2-1/2 tbsp 

Vinegar   : 2 tbsp

Oil            : 3 tbsp

Then mix them well and  put for rest  30 minutes in a refrigerator 


For the Vegetable layer :-

 Potato , Cauliflower &  Brinjal

Chop them in to  slices  and add 1 tsp chilly powder and required salt and mix it well 

Then we can make the vegetables in a shallow fry and  keep them in a bowl 

After 30 minutes we can start the cooking  

Onion: 1 roll

Then add salt for taste and 1 tsp Pepper powder  make it a half fry and add 1 roll chopped tomato and 

Mix them well then keep it for shallow fry for 5 minutes in a low flame 

After shallow fry  we can add the marinated chicken and  stir it well then cook for : 30 minutes  

After 30 minutes we can add the vegetables layer  

Then we can fill the rice if using parboiled rice we need a half boil.if using ( Basmadhi  rice)  no need a separate boiling add them directly to the sos pan 

After filling the rice add 2 cup of porridge water for 4 cup rice 

For Basmadhi rice 3 cup porridge water for 4 cup rice

And press the rice for spreading masala after that,  cook for a 15 minutes  in a low flame. Now you can see it's ready.

 Then make it for serve  for that put a dish on the top and reverse it  now our arabic maklooba is ready  for serve 

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